This recent article from Austin Business Journal about a recent study from Wallethub, concludes what we’ve known for some time. Austin is ranked as the 9th fastest growing city in America. While there are four other Texas cities on the list, Austin has the largest population making its growth outstanding. The other Texas cities include Frisco, Midland, and McKinney.

Here’s an excerpt of the article:

“We’ve seen millennials flock to cities over the last decade, generating a lot of optimism about the future of urban areas, but as the oldest ones have school-aged children, we are also seeing a retreat to the suburbs,” Bowers said. “If a city wants to grow, investing in its education system is a good start.”

States can foster economic success through investments in education, according to a report from the Economic Policy Institute. Increasing the number of well-educated workers also increases the state budget, as workers with higher incomes pay more taxes over time, per the Economic Policy Institute.

In addition to economic growth, Texas has seen explosive population growth in recent years, according to The Texas Tribune. Between 2015 and 2015, suburbs Frisco and McKinney each saw about 6 percent growth in population. Frisco’s 2016 population was 163,656 while McKinney’s was 172,298.

As home builders in Austin, we see first hand the growth this city has been experiencing for the past decade. Austin is a beautifully diverse city with an abundance of culture, art and music. Austin attracts an eclectic community of people that are not only colorful and creative but loving and generous. We’re very proud to be able to build homes for the people who call Austin their home – whether they hail from Texas or any other state in the country.

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